Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Rest of the Trip Part 3

After we visited with Grandma Effie for a couple of days, we headed to spend Shabbat at the Lances' with the Warren's.  We had just met the Lances' at Family Week and the Warren's and the Lances' have known each other for a long time.  We had a great time together dancing and studying Yahwh's Word.

Dayton and Abigail had decided that they were not going to be any more intimate than holding hands until their wedding ceremony.  They had lots of kids hanging around holding them accountable to this standard.
We left the Lances' and went to Fargo and did all our shopping  for the wedding.  Then Dayton and Abigail said goodbye as they parted, not to see each other again until the wedding. I already posted about the fun we had shopping here:
After saying good by to the Warren's, we went back to Grandma Effie's and played and worked and got ready for the wedding.
Above Sarah brought me out to show me how high she could climb in Grandma's trees. 
Below Quentin is working on our pickup truck.
The kids polished Paul's motorcycle from high school.  He was working on it to sell it but he didn't finish.  So, if anyone is interested in a hardly used 1973 motorcycle.  We have one for sale :)
Above, Anna is being creative in the motorcycle's mirror.

Between working and playing at Grandma Effie's we took trips to do more visiting.
We headed North to visit Paul's sister Debbie and family.  Debbie and their daughter Rachel have horses and the first thing our dog Princess did was find a manure pile and roll in it :(  Below Paul is washing her off so we can stand having her in the motor home.
We had a nice cookout and the kids had fun jumping on their trampoline.
From there we headed West to Minot to visit the Hughes whom we also met at Family Week.  They've got a great volleyball court, lots of animals and a greenhouse.  We were there for Shabbat and we had lots of good fellowship staying up way too late every night.
We played a game of speed volleyball and the kids put Sid, Twyla, Paul and I on one team as the old duffer team and we whooped them all :)

We were having so much fun and Chantelle loves volleyball so much that she joined us for a game even though she was very pregnant.   About a week and a half later she had a beautiful baby girl.
Sid was the master chef on their awesome skillet one night.
 We had a great time playing games.
 And of course spoons...
 Next we went an hour South and visited the Lorentzens.  We met them while they were visiting in Alaska a few years ago and of course they have known the Hughes for years since they both have been homeschooling for years.  It is a small world.
 Above, Darcy and I are enjoying her specially brewed latte.
We had a great time visiting, we went thrift store hopping in Bismark, John and Paul went and got new springs put on our sagging motor home (they managed to find time to find two hunting guns for Quentin and Joshua).  To top it all off, the Lorentzen's oldest daughter is  married to a rancher and they were doing their yearly branding.  They let us come and help.  It was a ton of  fun!!!
The kids all got to help hold down the calves.

 Quentin put the yokes on that held the calves still while they got branded.
 After the calves got branded the crew took over and gave them their shots and tick medicine and marked their face to show they were done.  By the end of the day Anna and the girls were getting very creative with their face markings and the calves left looking like they'd been to the beauty salon :)
Quentin turned 16.  After we had cake at home, Paul and I took him to a movie and out to eat in Fargo.  When we told the waiter it was Quentin's birthday he brought him the ice cream dish below.
Abigail worked diligently on the bridesmaids dresses and her headpiece.  The rest of us girls helped out where we could hemming pants and taking in Caleb's shirt.  I made all the guys a new set of tzit tzits that matched their wedding clothes.


lynn said...

These pictures are beautiful and really show what a wonderful family you have, I have enjoyed the wedding blog and updates. Thank you for taking the time to post more photos I have been disappointed each day to not find it updated. I hope the new couple are settling into married life well. Love from Maine

Susan said...

Lynn, Thanks for the encouragment. Anna says I should send you a picture of the little boys fighting this morning:) Dayton and Abigail are loving married life. They were just up here visiting us. We really enjoyed their visit and I'll post pictures soon.