Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Driving Back to Alaska

The drive from North Dakota to Anchorage went very smooth and very fast.   Having the motor home and being able to get good sleep when you're not driving makes it very nice.
We did find time to stop a few hours at Liard Hot Springs.  They totally remodeled it and it is very nice.
 Quentin and Anna were stopping up the water going over the dam.  Then one of the kids would sit on the other side and get a huge waterfall when they released the water.  One of the other visitors there that day called us the "Beaver Family"  :)
 It was a hot day so we wandered downstream a bit to cool off and play on this fallen tree.
 The kids tipped over backwards into the stream at the same time.  Benjamin and Sarah were a little slow, not quite sure they could trust Paul to catch them both at once.
There was also a brand new playground.

  We got into Whitehorse, Yukon late at night.  We got up at 0500 to swim for a few hours and then we hit the road again.
 The drive through Canada and Alaska is beautiful.  We always see lots of wild animals.

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