Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dayton and Abigail in Alaska

After Dayton and Abigail's honeymoon, they flew up to Alaska to spend some time with us.  We got home to Nondalton just in time to greet them when they flew in.
 Lavonne's Mom and Grandmother came over to meet Dayton.  Sarah has chalk all over her face, but I thought this was a cute picture of Lavonne's Grandmother, Cheda Mary, showing Sarah how to crochet.
We have lots of projects that need doing around here and the kids didn't seem to mind working when they were doing things with Dayton.  He's a lot of fun and keeps everyone smiling while they work.  Below he and Quentin are putting up a rain gutter on the back of the house.
We went to Regina's for our monthly new moon celebration. Hazel and Augustine along with Cam and Nicole were in town and joined us.  They have moved to teach in another village so we won't be babysitting Hazel and Augustine any more.

We had a fun time dancing.  

One of our favorite hikes is the mountain behind Nondalton.  We took Dayton up to show it off to him.

Above the kids are waiting on the plateau for Paul and I.  Below I'm making it up the last few feet.  It is always good exercise :)
Up on the plateau there is a crevice where the snow never melts.  We had fun exploring it.
Below Dayton and Quentin are trying to put snow in each others faces.
Dayton brought his Go Pro along and we had fun making creative videos.
Abigail volunteered to hold the Go Pro to get shots of snow/ice balls hitting it.

I think Dayton got a little carried away in the photo above.  So Abigail attacked him :)
Below Dayton is making it look like he jumped off the cliff.

The way down goes much faster, but can get a little slippery.


lynn said...
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lynn said...

Beautiful photos, what a culturally significant photo of them crocheting, wonderful. Happy to see the newly weds in bliss, what are their plans now, they need to create their own little blog. Love from Maine.

Susan said...

Thank you Lynn,
They're going to be living in Colorado