Monday, December 3, 2012

Ice Boats

So... due to our abundance of ice and cold and lack of snow Quentin and Joshua decided to build themselves iceboats.  Ever since they've had them made we haven't had any good wind till yesterday so we spent all day out sailing them.  They're a ton of fun.  You can really get going across the lake.  Caleb had to get three stitches yesterday when a big gust of wind hit him while he was trying to turn and knocked the beam into his head.  But he was back out sailing again a couple hours later, tough guy.
Caleb, before he got smacked in the head.
Joshua taking Sarah for a ride.
Joshua and Sarah
Quentin and Geronimo putting up the sail on Quentin's boat.
Quentin and Caleb
The pretty moon.
Our neighbor Bob, landing his plane on the lake.

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