Tuesday, November 27, 2012


We all got to play a little volleyball this fall.  The kids and Josh A. made up a homeschooling volleyball team. They flew with Paul to play in Newhalen, Port Alsworth and they played the team here in Nondalton.  They won all three matches and had a great time

Josh A.

 We also played a couple of scrimmages here in Nondalton.  The parents and teachers played against the kids.  Vince & Marylil Spady, good friends from Soldotna came to visit us one day.  They happened to come on a scrimmage day and played with us.  Vince is in the picture below.  Vince is a bit older than me and I would like to say that I hope I'm playing as quick and sharp as he is when I'm his age but I can't say that.  Because, even though he's a bit older than me he's already way quicker and sharper.  He's good!

Group picture of the volleyball players.

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