Friday, December 14, 2012


We finally got enough snow to get out the snow machines!!!  Going towing behind snow machines has to be one of the best parts of winter.  It finally started snowing last Saturday so we got the Bravo out and spent a couple hours out on the lake towing.

You can really get some air!

The best part though is knocking other people off their ropes so you can get the longest one.

It ends in lots of pileups.  Why go down peacefully when you can take everyone with you? =)

And if you do get your sled knocked out from underneath you that's no reason to let go of the rope.

This is Caleb while he was supposed to be taking it easy and making sure not to open
 his cut back up because he just got his stitches out.  Yeah...
Sorry for the terrible quality pictures. =P

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John said...

You guys are making me crazy with all the fun you are having.