Sunday, December 30, 2012


Four years ago Mr. D came out to Nondalton and did drumming workshops with the kids at school and some of the community (Christmas Drumming).  He came back again this year for two weeks.   He spent the day working with different age groups of kids at school then at night for the community.  If was a lot of fun.  Mom, Deborah, Quentin, Anna, and I all went up at night for class.  Every age group worked on a different song and the day before school got out we had a potluck at the school and we all played our songs.

The preschoolers.

The high schoolers.

The adults and older kids.

The elementary kids.
Mr. D

Potlucks are always fun.  Especially during school break when all the kids who go to different schools are back.

Afterwards they had Christmas Karaoke.  The little girls were the only people who would sing though.

Susan's note - About four years ago we discovered that Jesus wan't actually born at christmas .  Since then we have been celebrating His birth at the Feast of Tabernacles, which from Biblical accounts is the much more likely time of His birth.  As our family traditions have been slowly changing, the well intentioned celebrations of other Christians can present difficult decisions.  This year we decided to go ahead and participate in the drumming classes even though we knew the program would be during the annual christmas program.  Abigail wrote a great blog post on what we believe about christmas a few days ago.  You can read it here

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I do miss those Potlucks