Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Home Improvement

We have been doing a lot of work on the shop and house lately.  We've been replacing (or adding, the shop didn't have any) insulation and painting.

First we did the shop.  We lifted the paneling up on the outside and left it attached at the top so it would be easier to put back.

Then we put insulation up.

Joshua and I

Originally the paneling was attached with staples.  We were going to try just using the old staples but that didn't work so we had to pull all the old staples out and reattach with a nail gun.

Dad and I attempting to reattach with the staples.

Who ever built the shop was extremely staple happy.  They used so many.  It took forever to pull them all.

Deborah and I pulling staples.

After the shop we did a wall in the house.  We have been slowly over a few years doing one wall at a time.  This wall was the hardest.  We have everything attached to this wall.  The computer, TV, radio's, moniter heater, internet modem... lots of stuff.   But we finally got it done.

Dad and Quentin also reframed the window.


When the paneling was first put up it was put up with glue instead of nails.  That made for a pain to chip off before we could nail them back up.

After the boys put the paneling up Mom and I painted.  We put on a white base coat then a blue faux.

You paint the blue on, then put saran wrap on it, squish it up then peel it off.

We've also been painting in the kitchen, the upstairs and working on finishing up the basement.  I guess the winter is a good time to get all that done.


Joan Price said...

The work you're doing is fantastic. I have two sheds; though, we do use the one more as a hobby shop. I've been wanting to give the inside a make-over, and I love your painting technique! I've never heard of using the plastic wrap to texturize, but I think it looks great. Thanks for the inspiration.

Susan said...

Thanks for the encouragement Joan

John said...

Everything looks good. You seem to be getting a lot of work done.

jowdjbrown said...

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