Wednesday, June 20, 2012

3 Birthdays

 We've had three birthdays since my last birthday post.  Anna turned 13th, Paul turned 50 and Quentin turned 15.
Anna's birthday gives us four wonderful teenagers in the house.  It truly is a blessing to see my children grow to be young adults who love Yhwh and love each other (they aren't perfect, there are times when they forget how much they love each other :)

Anna is still an avid tree climber and book reader.  I haven't seen her washing the dishes with her feet in the sink in a while.  I guess she's finally outgrown that one.

The four oldest Clark kids drove their four wheeler and motorcycle the 20 miles to the other side of our lake and then we brought them across in our boat (the motorcycle made the trip too :) for Quentin's birthday.
Sarah, Anna Brendemuhl & Anna Clark
The Clark's came up the day after day Quentin's birthday for the big party.  So, to honor his actual birthday he got an ice cream cone with a candle in it.
Notice the baby picture wall behind Quentin.  Everyone is 6 months old.   My children enjoy rearranging  them, but  in this picture Abigail is at the top and Quentin is on her right.
Quentin eating cake.
Quentin opening presents.
Quentin is Paul's right hand man (he's not afraid to delegate to his younger brothers).  He is becoming a competent mechanic.  He loves electronics and has recently started buying broken ipods and such, repairing and then selling them.
Blowing out all those candles!!!
The favorite birthday game was a one on one, lose one point and you rotate out volleyball game.  Notice the yellow ropes they use for a makeshift net. 
We had a lot of fun playing and fellow shipping with a group of kids that were visiting our village from  Port Alsworth .  They came to share the Gospel and Bible stories.
Half a century!!!  and grinning like a kid!  For his birthday Paul has been living every boy's dream, driving a real live, big backhoe! 


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John said...

Happy Birthday to all and Paul, you look good in that machine.