Monday, June 25, 2012

June's Going's On's

At the beginning of the month we got a bunch of wood in for the basement.  MARC brought it in on Samaritan's Purse's Casa.  It's always fun to have a "big" plane come to Nondalton.

Bye Casa, thanks for bringing our stuff!

The boys found a new use for bug spray and a lighter.
Dad bought a fuel truck in Iliamna last summer.  We were going to drive it down this winter but there was to much snow.  So last week Leon was down from Port Alsworth with his barge and brought it across for us.

We had to move things around a bit to make room for it.
We got the garden planted in all this warm weather.

We put a fence all around it to keep the dogs out.
 It has been very warm the past few days.  It hit 80 a couple times.  It hasn't been that warm in years.
We've been outside kayaking and swimming all  the time.

But in the evenings we've been having thunderstorms.  Very rare for Alaska, complete with green sky and everything.
We've had a couple good double rainbows too.

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John said...

Nice pictures, going into the fuel business? You got some hot weather going on.