Friday, June 29, 2012

Hiking to Castle Rock

Last Saturday we hiked to Castle Rock.  It's so pretty this time of year.  There's green everywhere.
We brought a few 4-wheelers with us so the little kids could ride when they got tired.
We brought a few friends too.  Ms. Regina, driving the 4-wheeler, Lavonne, Aaron, a friend from Port Alsworth, Jerome, Geronimo, and Anthony all came with us.
Mom's turning into a mountain driver. :)
Once you get to as far as you can drive the 4-wheelers, you have to hike through a bunch of bushes then climb up a bunch of rocks. 

Mom, Dad, Sarah and Princess
Me, myself, and I
Once you get to Castle Rock you can keep going farther, up more rocks till you get to the plateau on top of Boys Mountain.  This was the first time Mom, Sarah, and the little boys had been up there because it's hard climbing.  Sarah was great, she just kept climbing and climbing with a little help over the rough spots.
Waiting for Mom and Dad.

It's a long ways down to the 4-wheelers.

We walked across the plateau some and down into crevices.
There's still snow down there even though it's 80 outside.

Sarah collected pretty flowers and put them in her hair.
The little hikers.  Princess was quite the mountain dog.
Deborah and Sarah
Sarah with Lake Clark, Igiugig, and Six Mile in the background.  From the top of the mountain you can see all the way from Lake Clark Pass to Kokhanok.
New family picture with Nondalton in the background.
Aaron helped Sarah get back down through the rocks and bushes.
I'm pretty sure we have about the most beautiful backyard ever. :)
P.S. I figured out how to get the pictures not blurry.  Yay. 

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John said...

WOW! The pictures are great. Makes me miss it back there. Did the kids have to help the "OLD MAN" up the mountain?, LOL