Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Time

School's out! (ok, so it was a couple week ago but I'm a little behind).  Every year before school gets out our village has a clean up day.  All the kids walk around town and pick up trash so we use it as a day to clean up the beach in front of our house and our yard.

On the last day of school the school has an award ceremony and school picnic that the whole community is invited to.
Deborah and I don't even go to school and we still got an award. :)  It was for the running club.
I guess maybe technically it's not a picnic because it's inside.
The boys enjoy the food. :)

School being out means summer time and summer time means starting the garden.
Quentin finished the green house while Sarah and I planted our seedlings in it.

Summer time means warmer weather which means we can tow behind the boat without completely freezing.
We put a rope out behind the boat and hang onto it while laying on a little round sled.  It actually works pretty good.

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John said...

It sure looks like you are having fun.I kind of miss Nondalton when the lake is ice free.