Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paul & Anna turn a year older

My beautiful sweet Anna turned 12. She still loves climbing trees and she can still wash dishes with her feet on the counter or in the sink. She is maturing though, just tonight she asked if she could re-upholster the lazy boy chair. We girls did one already, but I haven't gotten going on it's twin yet. I told her to go for it and she took it apart. Hopefully she stays motivated for the project tomorrow:-)
Anna opening her birthday present.

Quentin and Josh A. lighting the candles for Anna's cake.


Paul and Anna
Two days later was Paul's birthday. We were in the midst of a community three man volleyball tournament.
Paul serving.

Paul, Quentin and Josh A. made up one team.
Abigail, Deborah and I along with Regina, made up another team. We both won one game and lost one game, so of course the tournament bracket pit us against each other. One of us would be eliminated! The girls had a simple strategy, keep the ball away from Paul. My handsome husband is a good volleyball player, and while the boys will be great one day, they just don't have as much experience as the rest of us. Our strategy worked well and we beat the guys. But they were great sports about it. That is one reason I love sports, under proper supervision you can really develop your character for the good while playing sports. Nothing shows your good and bad character traits faster than a good competitive game. We have taught our children how to play and have fun and be good sports and it was a joy watching them play in the tournament.
Last year Paul used a blow torch to light his candles (you can see that post here). This year instead of putting all ? candles on his cake, I used the candles to write his age. Can you make it out below?

Paul, "Where's my blow torch?"

Happy Birthday Paul. May God bless you this year as you lead our family!

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John said...

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Paul and Anna. Paul, you are getting old. You're catching up to me,LOL