Sunday, April 11, 2010

Joshua, Anna and Paul's Birthday's

Some friends from a ministry called Arctic Barnabas came out and visited us and helped Paul install a new bay window that had been broken for quite some time. The cracks were continuing to get worse and it was good to get it replaced before it fell out completely. We had a good visit. Thanks guys!
They knew that Joshua's birthday was coming up soon so they brought him a cake.

On the actual day Joshua turned nine, Lavonne's Aunt Dorothy made him a delicious and beautiful cake for the celebration.
Anna's birthday was next. She turned 11, I can't believe how fast my kids are growing.

Everyone is helping Anna light her candles.
Paul turned 48 two days after Anna's birthday. He had me order him a couple of books he wanted to read. So, when they came in a couple of days before his birthday, I wrapped them up. He didn't think that was fair, but I told him that at least I knew I was getting him something he wanted.
Anna thought it would be cute to put all 48 candles on Paul's favorite, a sour cream and raisin pie. Paul thought it would be even funnier to light them with a blow torch. It worked quite well!

The fire alarm didn't even go off after he blew them out.

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Davis Bush Blog said...

Susan, Wow, what a great blog! I haven't visited in awhile and you guys have done some cool stuff:) I love the map! Sure wish we could have had some time to visit this weekend. Your kids are all growing so fast. Happy Birthday to Anna!(and Paul and Joshua:) I hardly recognized her, she is "practically a lady.." Praising Jesus for the sunshine:) Michelle