Friday, May 27, 2011

Family Camp at Tanalian Bible Camp

Back in April, just before Passover, we spent the weekend at Tanalian Bible Camp in Port Alsworth. Every spring they host a family camp. It is always a good time of fellowship and good Bible teaching.
It always falls during spring thaw so there is lots of mud and snow. The little boys love it!
David swinging...
Paul and I along with Lavonne and our kids Joshua on down, decided to take a hike toward the falls. It was a gorgeous day, perfect for a hike. It didn't take us long to wish we'd brought a sled for Sarah.
The boys could have used a sled for sliding too, but they are very creative. They made do with what we had. Sarah's mud boots kept falling off. By this time she was asleep in Paul's arms.
Benjamin's raincoat worked the best. He was like a little otter sliding down the hills.

Lavonne took a picture of the rest of us resting alongside the trail.

Caleb found a fun tree to climb.
Remember the post about the guys that came up from Iliamna to snowboard with our kids in Nondalton? While on our walk we found some graffiti that one of the guys, Lee to be specific, left behind on a walk he took with his family about an hour previous to our walk. At least this graffiti will clean up very nicely all on its own.
Lake Clark Air and a few of their planes lined up alongside the runway. The plane to the far left is one that Paul flies a lot.
Lavonne, Josh, Tia, Caleb and Sarah are stuffed in the plane for the short ride home. They got to hold their pillows:)
We love Family Camp, so much so that we are planning a trip down the Alcan to a week long family camp in Canada this June. Paul's Mom is going to drive up from North Dakota and meet us there for the week. We are all getting excited for another motor home adventure. We love traveling in our motor home. Even though the quarters are tight, it is always a special time that produces lasting memories.

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