Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lake Walk & Mud

Spring has come! Most of the ice on the lake is now melted. One gorgeous day in April we took a walk across the still frozen lake.
Caleb and David, being boys, found a puddle on the lake.
The guys brought their bows and arrows and they shot and retrieved their way across the lake.

Paul & Quentin shooting.

Abigail &Quentin with Paul looking on.
Of course we had to line up for the family picture... I thought it would be a nice touch with the village in the background.

Sarah was quite enthralled with the puddles in the road.

It made my hands cold just to watch her playing in the puddles.
William &Lee, friends from Iliamna drove up on their ATVs to go snow boarding with the kids on the last of the snow. Our older kids drove halfway to meet them. Paul went with them part way to make sure the lake ice was good. About 5 minutes after he left them, they broke through the ice in a huge puddle of water. They got soaked to their knees getting out. By the time they got home they were covered in mud.

But smiling :)
That evening they rode with them part way again on their way home. It started snowing the biggest flakes I've ever seen as they left.

By the time they got home, they were caked in snow, wet, very cold and tired.

Deborah, taking off her dripping coat with her frozen fingers...

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John said...

Great pics, the kids are turning into regular BUSHRATS. I was thinking when you all were standing there, good thing you didn't go through the ice with all that weight.