Sunday, September 26, 2010

Visiting The Lorentzens/ Sarah's 2nd Birthday

When we flew to Anchorage to spende time with my parents, we went a couple of days early so we could spend time with the Lorentzens. We met John and his son Madison and daughter Amanda two years ago when they came to Alaska to sing and preach the Gospel. Here's a link to that post Then when we made our trip South the summer of 2009 we stopped at the Lorentzen's home in North Dakota on the way down and the way back. Posted here: and on the way back here
Then last October John and Darcy came up and visited us with their youngest daughter.

Madison came back the summer after their trip and worked about 20 miles from our home in Alaska while we were traveling to North Carolina and back. Madison met Morgan on the first trip and they got married this last summer. The rest of the family drove up the ALCAN (Alaska-Canadian Highway) for the wedding in a bus they converted to a motor home.

John & Darcy along with Amanda and Moriah, two of their 10 children.

We spent the afternoon together at what we call the Rocket park in Anchorage.

Darcy having fun with the kids.

Often when we are in Anchorage we just park our motor home at the airfield where we fly into. The Lorentzens were parked there too and the kids had a blast playing together amongest the airplanes. Below the parents are visiting in the motor home while the kids are visiting outside on the airplane parking ramp.

We really enjoyed our time with the Lorentzens. It was great fun spending time with a family that loves Jesus and strives to serve Him.
Amanda gave us a concert late one evening. She is a very talented musician with a real heart for serving God.
After we got back to Nondalton, Austin Lorentzen came and visited us for a few days before they headed back to North Dakota. School had started here in town before we got back, so we felt like we'd better concentrate on getting the schooling routine going again. Austin studied and ran cross country with the rest of the kids. We took him berry picking one afternoon, had hot dogs on the fire and practiced shooting a pistol.
We celebrated Sarah's 2nd birthday while we were in Anchorage. We improvised a piniata and the kids had fun taking turns swinging at it.
Sarah got her her share of the candy when we finally gave up trying to break the sturdy box we used and Paul threw the candy up into the air.

Grandpa is holding Sarah up to see her cake.

Sarah loved the little car we picked up at the thrift store earlier in the day.
When we got back to Nondalton, Sarah had another birthday party. She still talks about her birthday!
Sarah loves the bag of bows Lavonne's Mom Claudine got for her.

Some pictures of Sarah...

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