Sunday, September 19, 2010

Abigail's 16th Birthday

My oldest baby just turned 16!

Abigail has grown to be a beautiful young lady. She is bright and talented and can easily handle anything that I need help with. She loves new challenges and will frequently take up a hobby and learn all there is to learn before she moves on to a new interest. She can light up the room with her smile.
Abigail has been out hunting with Paul several times, but she has never gotten a caribou or a moose. So, for her birthday they decided to go hunting. They had seen some caribou earlier in the day so they came home packed up the plane and headed out to find them.
As they headed out the fog was rolling in and they couldn't land where they wanted to and they couldn't find any caribou where there wasn't fog. So, they came home. The next day was Abigail's birthday so Paul, Abigail, Deborah and Quentin loaded up on two ATV's and headed up the mountain for a birthday ride.
Below Abigail and Quentin are checking the oil before they head out.
They had an awesome ride. They got stuck a few times, turned one of the 4-wheeler's over and brought home a couple of spruce hens for supper. The stuff memories are made of...

They got home just in time for Abigail's birthday party.

Below is a slideshow I made up for Abigai's 16th birthday. Pause the playlist at the bottom of the blog to you don't hear two songs at once.

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Wife to the Rockstar said...

Sounds like an amazing girl!