Monday, June 7, 2010

Quentin's 13th Birthday

Quentin turned 13 and we wanted to make it a special day, kind of a beginning of manhood celebration. We didn't get a lot of preparations made ahead of time, but God helped us out and orchestrated a series of events that turned it into a special day indeed.
Quentin takes after his Dad and is gifted in all things mechanical and electrical. For his 13th birthday we decided to help him buy the parts to build his own computer. It has been a great learning experience as he researched and figured out all the parts he needed to buy. Once he got all the parts he was able to assemble them on his own with no problems... so far. It looks great but we haven't thrown the switch to see if it works because we are still waiting on the ram (one of the important parts).

One of our neighbors talked Paul into buying their youth sized motorcycle. We ended up getting it the night before Quentin's birthday. So, even though it's not his alone (the rest of the kids wanted me to clarify that), it made a nice addition to his birthday. A new front tire is on order so Quentin got to drive it to park it while it awaits parts. I, being the Mom, hope that it spends much of the time in the shop!
Paul got a call on Quentin's birthday to go with Carlin and Leo, who is an instructor, to get checked out in order to be able to fly float planes. It's something Paul has always wanted to do, so he took Quentin with him and they had a great time landing on several beautiful small lakes.

Father and son, off on a great adventure.
After Quentin had all of the excitement of his first float plane ride, we had cake and ice cream with some friends.
We all gathered around Quentin and prayed for him and asked YHWH to bless him as he begins his journey into manhood.
I can't say enough good things about my number one son Quentin. He is Paul's right hand man. He works hard and usually quite cheerfully. He is a natural leader with four younger brothers and two sisters to practice his leadership skills on. He cooks and cleans as do all the kids, but more and more he gets to skip (or at least delay) his regular chores because he is helping his Dad do more important things.

Below is a slideshow highlighting Quentin's first 13 years.
Pause the playlist at the bottom of the blog first, or you'll have two sets of music playing.


Savannah said...

looks like it was a great celebration..happy birthday to the young man!

Jen said...

happy birthday!! It looks like you had a wonderful day! I was wondering where your family is in Alaska? I have family through there you might have heard of, Don Turner. They own a big Constuction company up there. I saw the plane pictures and thought of them.

Angela said...

Hi susan..I am enjoying catching up on your precious family..happy belated birthday to Quentin! Who is that 2nd song by in his video?

Susan said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes Angela.
The second song on Quentin's video is by Rick Hill on his Worship Ireland Album. I'm not sure where you can find it I heard it on a playlist and now I've got it on our playlist. I love the harmony and the words.