Sunday, May 30, 2010

Adult Basic Education / GED

I teach GED (General Educational Development- equivalent of a high school diploma) classes in Nondalton. It is a very part time job, although sometimes the kids get on a roll and come every day. I'm available for two hours a day. Class is on a table in our basement, if more than one student comes at a time I hurry up and get my kids to clean up the projects they've started on the other two tables. Math is my specialty. I was a math major in college and I love helping the kids understand how to do problems that have always eluded them.
My supervisor is in Dillingham and her specialty is writing. This spring I had her come and give my kids a writing seminar for two days. We had a good turn out and the kids got some really good tips for writing their essays. I got some really good tips for teaching kids to write their essays. I say kids, but I've had older adults in class too. Once I had a mother daughter team and that was really fun. Mom was there mostly for moral support and she quit coming once her daughter was almost complete. She wasn't afraid to ask questions and her daughter was good at answering them. It reinforced for her daughter the things she was learning.
We had class in the community building for the writing seminar.
I had three graduates this year. The program flies them to Dillingham so they can walk in the graduation ceremony with the community college students there. One of our graduates was at firefighting training, but the other two were able to attend.
Paul is the examiner in Nondalton (nice husband and wife team) and Lake Clark Air got the bid to fly the students to Dillingham. Since Paul is a pilot for Lake Clark Air, he got to fly the graduates from here and stay with them for the ceremony. He got a few pictures of our students as they graduated.

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