Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trip to Anchorage

Lavonne had an appointment at the eye clinic in Anchorage so her son Josh and Deborah and I went with her. The appointment went great, her eyes are doing very well. It had been over a year since Lavonne and Josh had been to Anchorage so they were eager to go shopping (after a Big Mac at McDonald's of course.) We shopped until almost midnight the first night we were there. It is nearing the longest day of the year so it's light all night.
We keep our motor home in this remote parking area right at the airfield. It is very convenient whenever we stay in Anchorage. On the rare occasions when the whole family comes in, it is great to go shopping in because anyone who is tired of shopping can head out to the motor home for a rest.
Below Deborah opened the gate so we could drive the sidekick to the motor home. we were going to be there for awhile so she shut the gate and locked it. I looked in the rearview mirror and this is what I saw...
I opened the door to have a home schooling moment with her, something about the laws of physics. But, being the independent learner she is, she started laughing and opened the gate again and locked it with her on the other side (It was late and she was tired.) She was good enough to reenact it for me since I wasn't fast enough with the camera.
I wish I'd taken more pictures so you could see the huge pallet of food we picked up at Costco. We order enough at one time that we qualify for their fax and pull program. I fax them an order and they pull it from the shelves for us and load it with a forklift. That is my kind of shopping! Usually it's Paul that picks up the order about every three months, but I got to do it this time. We borrowed the Martin's truck. It's a small truck and the pallet looked quite comical in the back.
It seemed like we were racing the entire time to get all of our shopping done. We did get time to visit with our good friend Regina (in the Costco food court) who lives and worships with us in Nondalton. She is a tour guide during the summer. I also got a chance to slip out while the kids were watching a movie to Kristy's house (another good friend) for a short time of prayer and encouragement along with a hot cup of tea.
Below Deborah, Lavonne and I are in the plane headed home.
In the picture below we are landing at the airfield in Nondalton. Josh was so worn out from the trip that he slept most of the way back. The pilot was Glenn, the owner of Lake Clark Air, the air taxi service that Paul flies for. His landing was so smooth, Josh didn't even wake up.
Sarah was excited to see me (everyone else was too, but she waves so cute!)
When we got back to the house, the kids had an inflatable ball playground set up. It was donated to the thrift store while I was gone.
Paul started throwing balls at us so we returned them to him.

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