Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Aniak basketball camp and Maryland youth group

Paul took Abigail through Joshua and Josh A. to Aniak for basketball camp. One of the advantages of having a father who is a flight instructor is that if you want to you get to learn to fly. You are allowed to solo when you are 16 so it's Abigail's turn. She has been getting a lesson anytime she can go somewhere with Paul.
They stayed with our good friends the Brueckners. A church in Glenallen comes down every year and puts on a four day basketball camp. They teach basketball skills and put on skits and told stories to present the basic concepts of the Gospel.

Paul spent a lot of his time with Steve Brueckner on the river.  Steve and his oldest son Andy had just spent a week bringing a huge bunch of logs down the Kuskokwim river.  They got home the night before our crew got there and they still had to land the logs on their side of the river.  Paul got to help bring them across the river and then they went up and got a smaller load ready to come down the Aniak river.  It was a great learning experience for Paul as he is much more comfortable in a plane than a boat.
They finished off their week with a cookout and bonfire at the Wilson's house (more good friends from Aniak).  

The Wilson's oldest son is also taking flying lessons so he and his instructor volunteered to take some of our crew home so Paul didn't have to make two trips.  Thanks guys!  
They had a wonderful time in Aniak and came back totally exhausted. They landed in Nondalton at the same time that a youth group from Maryland was landing. This is the fourth year that the group from Maryland has come to Nondalton. They stay at the community building on air mattresses and play games with the kids in the village and teach them Bible stories. They took a day to get settled in, which gave my kids a day to recover from their trip to Aniak.

They all had a great time!

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