Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spaghetti & Marshmallow Towers

The school had one more Family Fun night that was open to the community before the teachers left for the summer. We took the family up and joined them. We had to split up into three different teams. Paul and the boys made one team, the girls joined up with Lavonne and Tia, and Josh and I joined our friend Darcelle and her girls. The first activity was to see how many worksheets each group could complete in a given amount of time. They had them color-coded for different age groups.

Paul had his hands full helping the little boys figure out what they were supposed to do.
The girls got second place even though they didn't have anyone young enough to do the pink sheets.
The other activity was a contest to see which team could build the tallest tower out of spaghetti sticks and little marshmallows. It's harder than it looks, it would've been easier if they'd given us big marshmallows. (Do I sound like I'm complaining?)

It was a good teamwork exercise, it took several hands to hold up the spaghetti and marshmallows so they wouldn't slip around until they got balanced.
Below Josh A. and I are working on ours. Everyone was having so much fun they extended the time by ten minutes. Big mistake, we would have done okay if it had ended on time, but our tower collapsed before they came to measure it :(

The girls also came in second place in the tower building contest. In fact, they have come in second place in every Family Fun night activity we have participated in.
Paul and the boys came in first (Paul got to put his Mechanical Engineering degree to good use). Mr. Metzger measured their tower just in the nick of time as it was slowly collapsing.

A very pregnant Mrs. Metzger is calling out the winners. Everyone got to pick out a prize.

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