Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rubber Band Bungee

The school had a family fun night so we went and joined in. They asked us to bring an action figure and they supplied us with ten rubber bands. We measured how far the action figure would fall each time we added another rubber band. We graphed the results of our ten rubber bands and then they told us to figure out how many rubber bands we would need for the action figure to drop 196 inches. The object was to get our action figure as close to the floor as possible without touching the floor. Our family with Lavonne and Josh, split up into three teams.
Paul and Anna and a couple of little boys gathered the data with their ten rubber bands and Jay Jay the jet plane.

Abigail, Deborah, Lavonne and Josh worked together.
Quentin, Joshua and I carefully measured the jumps taken by our blue teddy bear.
Sarah helped Regina take photos of the event (by posing several times).

After we collected our data we analyzed it by graphing it and doing the math to figure out how many rubber bands we needed.

Quentin is adding the rubber bands we calculated we needed. (We were too conservative and came up too far away from the ground.)
One at a time Cam made the action figures walk the plank while we watched from below. Abigail, Deborah, Lavonne and Josh did the best from our crew as they came in second place.

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