Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Living Room Football

We don't watch much TV around here. We got a new TV last year when the 13" Sony Trinitron I'd had since 1987 finally died. The new TV can also plug into your computer and act as a second monitor. That's how we usually use it, but on Thanksgiving my sister called to say hello and she asked if we were watching the Macy's Day parade. We don't have cable or satellite and I told her I didn't even know if our TV would pick up a broadcast signal since they switched over to digital last Spring. Of course now I had to try and sure enough we got a decent signal. The parade was over, but the football game was on. That led to more football on Sundays and the boys turned my living room and kitchen into a football field complete with blue tape for the yard lines. At one point they even had mattresses laid out for the end zones. They got away with that while Paul and Deborah were in Anchorage as Paul is not as tolerant to the house being turned into a football field as I am (unless, of course, he's playing with the boys.)
Wanting to be as authentic as possible the little boys made helmets and stuffed their shirts for pads.

I suppose the Olympics will be next...

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