Thursday, December 24, 2009

Deborah's 14th Birthday

Deborah turned 14 this month. She is growing into a beautiful young lady.
In Alaska when you are 14 you can take a written test and get your driver's license permit that allows you to drive with someone over 21 who has had their license for at least a year. Deborah has been studying the book and taking online practice tests. She and Paul tried to go to Anchorage last week, but is was snowing in the pass when they could go. They'll try again this week so Deborah can get her permit and Paul can get groceries.
Below Deborah is getting a pie ready for baking with help from Sarah, Benjamin and Anna. She is great with her younger brothers and sisters. They love helping her with whatever work is at hand.
We had two cakes for Deborah's birthday. Lavonne's Aunt Dorthy and Alec came by with a delicious birthday dinner.
Later we made pizza and I made some M&M and Sweet Tart cookies Quentin had made into another cake for Deborah so we could sing to her again.


KD said...

Hi--Just wanted you to know I enjoyed your blog. I accidently came across it in a link, and the family photo (and the name) caught my attention. My daughter does a enjoys blogging about her life as a Mommy of little ones (baby #4 due in three weeks--all four within 5 1/2 years). It's a joy to see families trusting the Lord and letting Him bless them with full quivers. May He bless you mightily.

Susan said...


Thank you for the encouragement!


Anna Lisa said...

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