Sunday, January 10, 2010

We were getting pretty low on groceries so Paul headed to Anchorage with a long list. Deborah got to go with him so she could go take the written test and get her Driver's permit. Anchorage has lots of snow (as opposed to us here in Nondalton with none). So the first order of business was to uncover the sidekick from its' spot in the remote parking area where it stays tucked in with our motorhome.Deborah passed her test and got her permit, but she didn't drive very much because the roads were quite icy.
It didn't turn out to be the smoothest of trips... It started with a flat tire on the sidekick and then they had to stay an extra day when the airplane wouldn't start for the trip home. It turned out to be a bad magneto. They replaced it and flew home the next day.

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