Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mt. Redoubt Volcano pictures

Abigail, Sarah, and I flew to Anchorage last week for Abigail's orthodontist appointment (she's scheduled to get her braces off on April 13th).  I had my camera at the ready in case Mt. Redoubt erupted.  I got some pretty good pictures.  It wasn't a full blown eruption, but it was the biggest the pilot had seen since it became active about a month ago.  I just got a breaking news report that they have upgraded its' alert status back up to orange because it is rumbling again.

Lavonne had a doctor's  appointment in Anchorage so she and Josh came in too.  Below is a picture of us leaving Costco.  Dima who loads the airplanes for Lake Clark Air and is a master at filling every available space, would have been proud of how much we fit into our little Sidekick.  Sarah is holding the eggs in the left of the picture.

Paul got to stay home and spend some quality time with the rest of the kids.

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