Monday, March 23, 2009

Volcano and Running Water

Mt. Redoubt blew for real last night.  It's blown five times in the last 12 hours sending ash 60,000 feet up and around.  The last time it blew in 1989 it kept blowing on and off for 5 months.  We just heard a report on the radio from guys living at the head of Lake Clark (nearest the volcano), they said they could smell sulfur.  
They just announced on the radio here in Nondalton that they are rationing gas and oil until they are sure they can get another shipment flown in soon.
The water situation is worsening.  We are back to no water running into the house at all.  The teachers always have water because they are near the source and they are now out also....  The school is threatening to close.  They have a well but it's not safe to drink.  They were talking about flying in drinking water but now nothing is flying.  Life is certainly interesting, God is helping us build our character.

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