Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fallen Tree

After over two weeks of -37 for a low and -24 for a high, we had our Spring thaw. It got all the way up to 58 F. and stayed that way for about a week.  It made it almost impossible to walk without some good spikes.  The kids would come in sopping wet from playing on the ice.  The Chinook winds blew fearsomely.  I missed getting a picture when the kids took a tarp and a sled on the ice and went flying across the ice.  Thankfully the winds were blowing in toward shore.  The middle of the lake had at least a foot of water on top of the ice.
If you look at the apartment on the far left in the picture below, you'll notice it doesn't have a birch tree in front of it like the other apartments do.  The winds got so strong they knocked it right down.  Jennifer is staying there working on her PhD.  We told her that was a little extreme to get better Internet coverage.  Some of the guys in town were giving Paul a hard time about getting lazy and cutting trees in the yard for firewood.  (It did make a nice stack of wood for the fire:)  We are very thankful it didn't land on the apartment and do any damage.

The kids had great fun playing on the fallen tree until Paul turned it into firewood.

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