Sunday, January 11, 2009


Regina is a teacher who fellowships with us on Sundays.  She's got three beautiful dogs (now four, she brought a yellow lab puppy home with her from break) and the kids got to look after them while she was gone for the Christmas break.  Of course the entire time she was gone we had the coldest temperatures we've had all year.  Four times a day the kids would take turns going out with at least two of them to pull together on the snowmachine to get it started and go feed the dogs and let them out.  The littlest dog's name was Nakita and he wouldn't let more than one foot hit the ground at a time and was ready to go back in as soon as you let him out.  For the two weeks she was gone the highs were -2o deg. F with the lows hovering around -30 deg F. The coldest we saw was -37 deg F.  To keep from feeling so cold we looked up the temperature in Aniak, AK where our friends the Brueckners live and it was -42 deg F. so we felt better.  Today the temperature went from 1 deg F to 26 Deg F. in one hour.  I bet the kids will be out in their shorts tomorrow!

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Chrysa said...

I see Sarah likes to suck two fingers...that is soooo cute!!! I love it when babies suck their thumb or fingers...even tried to 'help' Tasha do that when she was little...worked for about 4 months.