Thursday, January 1, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Thank you Father for sending your Son to live and die for us.

Christmas in Nondalton is always lots of fun.  The school break didn't start until the 25th of Dec because the people here celebrate both the American Christmas and Russian Christmas so school doesn't start back up until January 12th.  
Mail from the lower 48 got backed up this year because of snow storms in Seattle so we are still waiting on Grandma and Grandpa's Christmas box.  They 'll be our Russian Christmas presents. The kids love it when we get boxes in the mail.  The little boys and our next door neighbor Robin spent an afternoon chasing peanuts that somehow got dumped on the floor:)

Ever since we started keeping a thrift store in our basement, the kids love shopping for each other for birthdays and Christmas.  This year they found Paul a great pair of shoes.

We got the kids a guitar and a lap harp.

The Martins came up and had Christmas dinner with us.

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