Friday, November 28, 2008


Abigail, 9th grade, and Deborah, 7th grade, just finished their first volleyball season.  A few years ago most of the district had six man mixed (boys & girls) volleyball teams. With so many people from the Bush heading to Anchorage, the villages are getting smaller and now most of the teams in the district are three man mixed teams.  It works out great for us as homeschoolers.  Since the three man teams are not state sanctioned we can play with the highschool team.  It worked out well for the school too since they needed a girl :) Deborah was the Jr High team.  Since they have to fly to all their away games, the district wouldn't pay for the Jr. Highers to travel but they got to play at the home games.  
Their first game was at Port Alsworth.  It is the closest village to Nondalton up the lake and we lived there for six months before we moved to Nondalton.  Since we've still got so many good friends who live there, Paul flew up with the older kids for the games.  They got to stay with the Fowlers and their eight kids.  Great fun!  Since Deborah was there anyway they played a Jr. High game.
Here's the team at Port Alsworth:  left to right - Nicole Rogenes - coach, Marvin Balluta, Richard Weedman, Deborah Brendemuhl, Beretta Trefon, and Abigail Brendemuhl.

Deborah   #34

Abigail   #3

Abigail bumping

Deborah digging the ball opposite our friend Rachel Walsh from Port Alsworth.  (The one with the black eye on the Family Conference post.)

Deborah with a nice set.

Abigail and Deborah playing in the backcourt together at Port Alsworth.
We had one home match this year.  Kokonok and Levelock came and played Friday night and Saturday morning.  The whole district got together at Newhalen and had a volleyball clinic/leadership conference.  Their only other match was the district tournament at Chignik Lake halfway down the Aleutian Chain.  Paul managed to be the pilot or extra chaperone and go with Abigail to all the games.

Deborah bumping with Abigail looking on.  That's Richard the mighty moose hunter with the pony tail on the top of his head.

Abigail bumping.

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