Friday, November 21, 2008

Sukkot Dancing

The Martin's, who house sat for us while we were in Anchorage having Sarah, are living here in Nondalton in one of our apartments.  They are living in the apartment next to Lavonne and Josh. They have been great neighbors to Lavonne and Josh who are adjusting to living in their own apartment and it's a blessing having David (their 17 year old son) play the guitar at our home church fellowship.  
For the second year, the Martin's helped sponsor a Feast of Tabernacles celebration at the Palmer Depot, a renovated train depot about an hour north of Anchorage.  They recruited Abigail, Deborah, Anna and Lavonne to dance with them and then Paul gave a short message.

Here they all are practising in our kitchen.

It took some trial and error to see whose hips were the narrowest to fit three across in the C172 for the trip to Anchorage. Paul and Josh A. ended up sitting up front.

Anna is tucked in the back with the bags in the kiddie seat.

They practised in a garage on Friday night before the celebration on Sunday night.This is a link to the Martin's web site where you can see video clips of the celebration and Paul preaching:
You can also link to it and sample some of David's music at his website

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