Sunday, November 2, 2008

MFR & Family Conference

We spent close to a week in Port Alsworth, AK this October.  Port Alsworth is the closest village to us up the lake, about 20 miles away.  They have a Bible camp there and every fall they host a Missionary Family Retreat (MFR) followed by a family conference.  We love going and staying up late every night renewing old friendships and making new ones with other believers around the area.  

We got a family picture with Sarah in it on the back porch of the church.

The kids  got a little wild.  Rachel Walsh a good friend of Abigail and Deborah's  bumped heads with another girl and got a nice black eye.

Danny Oertli led worship at MFR and here he and Mark McGee are playing at the campfire on the beach by the lake.

The church at Port Alsworth sang a song for us about reaching the nations.  They dressed up in costumes from all over the world.

The ladies had a tea at one of the lodges.  David and Benjamin got to go with me and Sarah.  The boys loved all of the stuffed animals in the lodge.   This was as close as Benjamin would get to this stuffed wolf.

A friend from Lime Village was at family camp with his grandkids.  They wanted to get baptized, so on the last day of the family conference we all went down to the lake.  It started to snow as they were getting baptized and that water was cold!

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Kel said...

I had a peek only now at your blog, its lovely and WOW to be baptised in that water takes real committment.
How are you all doing?

lots of love
Kelly Glik