Tuesday, August 25, 2015


We have decided to leave Alaska and move back to the farm Paul was raised on in North Dakota. His mom still lives there and is getting tired of mowing the grass by herself :)  We will truly miss Alaska, it has been a great place to raise our family!  We had been hoping that our next move would be to Israel, to the land promised to those who love Yahwh.  But, that is not open to us now so we feel our next step should be back to Paul's mom in North Dakota. We are looking forward to the move, our first six kids were born there and we have fond memories of our time there.
We have been working very hard to spruce up our place here to make it easier to sell. So, spread the word, this is an awesome place to live for the right family!  If you know anyone who might be interested have them give us a call from the craigslist ad. Here's a link and a copy of our posting:


 8br - 4000ft2 - Beautiful Lakefront Lodge and Home (Nondalton)

Asking $275,000
Beautiful home and lodge on Six-Mile Lake, Nondalton, AK with majestic views and good fishing. 

* 1289 sq ft Turnkey Lodge with four very nice all season apartments approximately 250 sqft each with individual bathrooms and kitchenettes. Small laundry and cold storage with two chest freezers for apartment building. 170 ft beach front property on Six-Mile Lake. Float plane mooring with 3/1000 gal fuel storage tanks and 2200 gal fuel truck. 
* 2136 sq ft Main Residence on adjacent lot has 4 bedrooms/2.5 baths, full basement with its own walkout entrance and an established garden and greenhouse. New metal roof, several new windows, paint, and insulation as well as many electrical upgrades. Smoke house and storage building located on lot with house. 
* 512 sq ft Shop that currently does mechanic work for Nondalton and three surrounding villages with three out buildings for storage. 

Located next to the Lake Clark Preserve; residents have subsistence hunting privileges to include Lake Clark National Park. There are no property taxes. You can put a net out on the beach right by your front door and harvest all the sockeye salmon you need. State maintained runway with daily air taxi service, city water, sewer, post office, K-12 school, fire dept and clinic. One hour flight from Anchorage. Excellent trout, pike and salmon fishing access by boat and short flights to the Kvichak and the Nushagak Rivers. Price is based on the capitalization rate of return on two existing businesses and a modest price for the house. Priced to sell quickly as we need to return to the lower 48 to help extended families. Currently have 3 boats/motors, 3 snowmobiles, 4 inflatable kayaks, a small truck, fuel truck, several tools that can be included, but we will start liquidating soon so call and lets start talking. Ask for Paul.






If you have any ideas or suggestions to help us sell our property, send us a comment :)


Anonymous said...

Best of luck!! I didn't realize your house was so involved--I wish we had a reason to be up there, I'd love a property like that! What an incredible time you all must have in Alaska. I hope the house sells quick and you're able to get settled in at the farm soon. Happy Hanukkah (not sure if you all do rabbinical holidays or just Torah ones or what, but either way have a good night)! - Ashleigh & Misha

Susan said...

Thanks! We're going to miss Alaska for sure, but we're looking forward to North Dakota. Paul has lots of ideas for sustainable farming he'd like to try.
We place a greater emphasis on the holidays laid out clearly in Torah. We have found the Feast of Dedication mentioned in 2 Chr 7:9 and Yeshua refers to it in John 10:22. We wonder if one isn't a foreshadowing of the other and if they both point to some future event. We don't make it a huge holiday but we did use it as an excuse to eat some good food and it is fun to study the passages mentioning it.
Paul & Susan

Susan said...

As my daughter Abigail pointed out the 2 Chr 7:9 passage occurred during Sukkot. The passage in John 10:22 says it was winter, so, unless it was an early winter, they are apparently talking about two different events. It's not clear whether Yeshua was actually celebrating or if he was just there during that time.

Anonymous said...

We're looking forward to seeing what you all do with the farm! We're city people ourselves but sustainable farming is fascinating. We visited Polyface Farm in Virginia a few years ago and were very impressed with its innovations, though of course we don't have the background to tell if it's actually working!

That sounds like the right approach to Hanukkah to me--it's certainly a fun time, but if you're working on Torah observance it doesn't make sense to put too much emphasis on it. I'll have to look up the passages you mention while I recover from eight days of fried food! -Ashleigh & Misha

Luca said...

Susan, where do you live now?

nat sorensen said...

I hope I can come visit you in North Dakota! Stop by for a visit to Montana anytime!

Abbey said...

Did you get moved? We live in SW ND!! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

I need an update!!! I am hooked on your blog and all your adventures.

lynn said...

How is everything, we blogger readers in the Northeast are curious haw the resettlement has gone and how the Warrens are. Hope all is well and the babies.
Many blessings during this time of spring hard work on the farm.

Rachel Macy said...

Hey Susan!

Have a couple questions about Alaska and your family. Would love to send you an email or chat over the phone. Please feel free to send me an email - ras.casting at gmail dot com