Sunday, May 22, 2016

We made it to North Dakota

One of our last meals in Nondalton.  Abigail and Deborah and their families came up to help us close up the house and drive down to North Dakota.
We loaded up the Stinson 
Quentin took and passed the exam to get his private pilot's license the day we left to travel down the ALCAN.
We arrived on the farm in North Dakota with a filthy trailer and motor home.
We unhooked the trailer and two days later hit the road again to visit my mom in North Carolina and then we drove down to Florida to fly to visit Abigail in Puerto Rico.  It was an awesome time and a much needed break after the rush of finishing the last projects on the house in Alaska, packing up and then the long drive.


Abbey said...

I love reading about your family's adventures.How you are willing to bend, move and be guided by Abba to make sure family is central to all things.

Susan said...

Thanks Abbey! Life with Yahwh is always an adventure.