Monday, August 10, 2015

New Metal Roof

When we added a dormer to the back of the house our vintage cedar shingles couldn't handle the lower pitch and we started having some leaking problems.  The cedar shingles had been there a long time so we decided to replace the shingles with metal. It was another fun family project and the new roof looks great!
 Joshua, Quentin, Anna and Caleb

 In the photo below, Anna is struggling to haul a roll of tar paper up the ladder while Quentin (who at 6'6" could have just handed it to her once she climbed up) is texting brother-in-law Trey and telling him what an awesome job he's doing on the roof.

 Quentin made sure he was in position and ready by the time she had the tar paper to the roof.
We did have fun! :)

The city has been replacing its water system last fall they replaced the water lines to the house and this summer they replaced the lines to the apartments.  The guys did a great job and didn't disturb our garden at all :)

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