Friday, November 9, 2012

Trip to Homer

Before I came home from Port Alsworth the five of us that were still at the Lodge spent a few days in Anchorage.  We spent one day driving to Homer and spent a few hours exploring the town.  It was a cold day.  The first stop we made on the spit was a store to buy hats and gloves.
The Spit poking out.
We walked along the dock some.
We ate lunch at Lands End on the very end of the spit.
There were a lot of otters swimming along the spit, but as soon as I'd turn on my camera they would disappear and not come back till I turned it off.  Seriously, it happened to often to be a coincidence. So, no otter pictures.
It would have been fun to be on a boat that day.
We saw lots of moose on the trip.  It funny how you have to go to town to see big wild moose.
The drive down is beautiful.  The road runs along Cook Inlet so you can see all the mountains on both sides. If the tide's up you can see beluga whales swimming around.
Mt. Redoubt, the volcano that was going off a few years ago, in the background.
It was fun spending a few days in Anchorage doing touristy things.  Living in Alaska I've never been to most of the place people come to see.
The worlds largest chocolate fountain at Alaska Wild Berry Products.
We got to eat at restaurants (which having a family of 11 never happens), go see The Bourne Legacy in theaters (yay ♥), stay in a hotel, go shopping and go to lots of fun places like The Alaskan Fur Exchange.  It was a ton of fun!! ☺

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