Monday, May 28, 2012

Fixing the Basement

We are replacing the back wall of our basement this summer.  Among other problems, the hill behind our house has been slowly pushing against the basement causing the wall to bow.  It's been a great family project :)

First we had to move our oil line so we could still have hot water while we fixed the basement.
Sarah is holding a flashlight for Quentin who is hooking up the new line to the hot water heater.
We had to have somewhere to put the dirt we dug up.  So we're putting it behind the house where it will kill the grass so when we're done we'll have a new garden.
We leveled it out first.
And put dead grass on it so it would decompose into the dirt.
We manage to have lots of fun while working.

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John said...

What's amazing is, you can turn work into a fun time.