Friday, December 23, 2011

Visiting Friends

We've spent the next week traveling all around the states visiting friends.
We spent the first night at the Hayes in Georgia.
 Then we spent the next night in Tennessee at Natalie's house.
We spent Shabbat at the Hood's in Tennessee.  The Hood's have 15 kids with 11 living at home so that was a lot of fun.  The little boys had fun on the tree swing.

The older kids played a crazy game of killer uno.

We spent Sunday night at the Hershey's home in Missouri.  It was Deborah's 16th birthday and Mr. and Mrs. Hershey had a beautiful cake waiting for her.


John said...

Merry christmas everyone

Nat said...

It was sooo nice seeing y'all. :) Missing you. Glad it was a super fun travel week. Sure did look like it. Blessings and love!