Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Flight Home

We spent our last couple day in the land at a friends house in Jerusalem.  They left the 24th but had rented the apartment till the end of the month which was when we were leaving.  So it worked out perfect for us to stay there.
We were all still sick so we spent most of the time there resting.

We spent one evening on Ben Yehuda street.

We had our last shwormas.

The last day we were there we had to be out of the apartment by ten in the morning so we spent the afternoon with the Kaspi's.  The dad works at the Wiseman Institute so we got to go up in the particle accelerator.

Most of us were better by the time we got on the plane but Sarah was still sick with a pretty bad cough.  All the little kids that were in the group we were with got it.

Benjamin thought Sarah made a great pillow.
At the airport in Tel Aviv the carts are free, but in Newark they're five dollars apiece!  So we were very loaded down with bags.
On the way to Grandma and Grandpa Rogers we spent the night at our friend the Schaefers.  On the way to their house we drove through Washington D.C.
We couldn't drive the motor home in front of the capitol building but we could see it down every street:)

We saw the back of the Lincoln Memorial...

And drove past the Arlington National Cemetery.  (As we got to Arlington Cemetery, we realized we were at the end of things to easily drive by in Wash. D.C. and we didn't know which way to turn to get to the Schaefer's house (our next stop).  We drove around the round-about about 3 times waiting for the GPS to tell us which way to go:)

I think this is the only picture we have from the Schaefers house.  Sad, we had fun.  We tried to remember all of the dances we learned in Israel around a fire that night.

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