Wednesday, December 21, 2011


This post is a little out of place but I just found these pictures.  I mentioned it a little bit in a earlier post, but Sukkot is a week long celebration that is one of God's appointed celebrations in the Bible.  In the Bible it says the first and last days are days of rest and that you are supposed to live in boothes for the whole week.  It is celebrated by everyone in Israel and is a lot of fun. 
All the girls had their "booth" on the upstairs balcony.  We just put all our cots outside and put palm branches over them.  It was kinda cold. 
It was one big slumber party:)
Most of the people in our group stayed in the vineyard and made boothes in between the rows.  We spent a few evenings with them and one night they had all the instruments out and we had fun singing around the campfire.

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