Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Vineyard

We've been busy picking grapes with lots of touring thrown in:)
 Here's some pictures of us working with the touring yet to come.
Here's most of our group.  We have about a 150 people here right now.
Most of the grapes look better than this:)
David and Benjamin getting their picture taken by
Her husband, and two kids are living in the same house as us.  She has some awesome pictures!

Just some of the grapes we've picked.
Lunch with the 36  in our house.  The other groups are in the background.
Benjamin &Sarah
There are 18 vans in our group.  It's funny whenever we go somewhere.
There's a huge caravan:)

I think Sarah likes eating the grapes more then picking them.

Shilo, where the old tabernacle stood about 3000 years ago.
Sitting in the ruins of the tabernacle.

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