Wednesday, September 7, 2011

July and August catch up.

We have been so busy lately Mom hasn't had time to post for a while so I'll do a catch up post. 

We got back from our trip to Canada the middle of July.  We started putting up fish as soon as we got back. 
Sarah loves helping:)
 Dad was busy flying all summer.  He didn't have time to help with the salmon much but one of his jobs was taking people bear viewing.
If you click on this picture you can see there are a LOT of bears.

The first week of August the five older kids went and spent a week in Iliamna with the Clark's for basketball camp.  It was a lot of fun:)  After we got back I had my 17th birthday.

I got knives for my birthday:)  Three pocket knives.
We had a pretty cold summer but the few nice days we had we spent swimming.  Most of our swimming started out as a mud fight and ended with us jumping in the lake with our clothes on.
Even Sarah had to join the fun.

  We tried towing behind the boat with a little round sled.  I actually worked pretty good.
 Right before we left we had Josh Armstrong's 14th birthday.
Well that pretty much catches us up till the start of our big trip.  More to come:)

Trip Note from Susan: Yes we are on another trip!!! We are on our way to Israel.  We are going to spend 2 1/2 months there touring and studying while helping some farmers in their vineyards and olive groves. We are in North Dakota right now at Grandma Effie's house.  We are traveling from coast to coast to take advantage of the much cheaper tickets to Israel on the east coast.   So far the trip has been wonderful, it has given us a chance to refocus from the buisiness of our normal lives to concentrate on what God has in store for us next.  Pleas take time to pray for us over the next few months.  We'll post as much as we can.


Anonymous said...

Just saw this post and that you're traveling to Israel! We will miss you at MFR but that's ok, God's got you on an amazing journey :)

Lyndy White

Tanisha said...

Wow!! Nice Post... Thanks for sharing your traveling experience with us...

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