Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fancy Dinners and Shoveling Poop

 The night we got back from the Old City we all went up to Psagot so dad could work on a compressor at the winery.  That in itself is a funny story.  They spent at least two hours trying to figure out what was wrong when in the only problem was that it was plugged into the wrong outlet.  The electricity in Israel is messed up.  So while they were figuring that out, the rest of us were having the best time being served by the guys staying at Psagot:)  The guys decided to give the girls a break from cooking so they cooked all day.  That night they dressed all up in ties and everything.  They set the table all fancy and waited on us.  It was Zac's birthday so they sang him a couple funny versions of the birthday song:)  It was great.

A couple days ago we spent the day shoveling manure into buckets then dumping them on the grape plants.  We had a bucket brigade going.  It was hard work.  Everyone was sore the next day.  The saddest thing about it is, we have to do it again:P  But the bright side is there was a cookout waiting for us when we were done and then it started pouring rain so it washed most of the manure off us.

Everyone looks like they're working so hard:)

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