Friday, April 3, 2015

Traveling South

Trey and Deborah and Zadok drove over to Grandma Effie's to visit before we continued our trip down south. 
 Grandma Effie and Paul's sister Debbie got to meet Zadok.

 We drove down to Oklahoma and met up with Dayton and Abigail and Ronen.
Ronen had grown lots in the 2 months since we'd last seen him.
 Snow followed us everywhere we went on this trip.  We went to North Little Rock to visit my brother and they had a huge snowstorm while we were there.
 Abigail got to play with her younger brothers and sisters sledding down the hill in the backyard.

 We headed to Tennessee for Meri Brown's wedding and stayed at a cool campground.
 We had fun hiking around the waterfalls.

Then we went and visited the Hayes'.
 The kids had lots of fun planting air soft bb's together all over the Hayes' yard  :)

We also got to visit Dave and Nancy Slaughter.  They led the bible study that Paul and I both attended when we met.  Over twenty years had passed since we'd last seen them, but it could have been yesterday. They made us feel right at home and we had a great time catching up.  
Trey and Deborah and Zadok met up with us at the Slaughters and then went with us to spend Shabbat with the Taylors.
The big kids above and the little kids below, had lots of fun playing cards.
The big kids helped clean up the kitchen.  With over twenty of us between the two big families, we didn't want to leave Lisa with a mess to clean up after we left :)

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