Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Brendemuhl Family Reunion part 2

We have been home back in Alaska for several months now.  Catching up on things here took time and I got so far behind in blogging that I didn't know if I could catch up.  But, I think this is the best way to keep a journal of some of our fondest memories (our hard drives seem to crash every once in awhile).  So I'm going to do a quick catch up (or not so quick) of the last six months.
Here are some pictures of the Family Reunion we had last winter.
 Quentin and Caleb delivered something across the lake.  Ice was beginning to form on the lake and made the return trip interesting.

 Dayton and Trey got to go with Quentin, Joshua, Caleb and Josh A. on a hunting trip.  They couldn't hunt but they had a lot of fun watching Joshua and Caleb get their first caribou.  Quentin and Josh A. each got one too so we got lots of delicious meat! David and Benjamin got to fly out with Paul to pick them up and help pack home the meat.
 Processing the meat is a fun family affair.

 The kids (it was cold so Paul and I stayed home :)  went to the dump to do some skeet shooting.
 Ronen and Sarah stayed in the truck to stay warm and protect their ears.
 Quentin helped Benjamin.
 Many Foosball tournaments were played.
We celebrated Deborah and Caleb's birthday's
 Ronen, learning to do the dishes with his Mom. I think he's asking if we have to do ALL those dishes?!
The braiding chain :)
 Paul loves being a Grandpa!
 Uncle Caleb and Aunt Sarah taught Ronen how to have fun with a lazy susan.
 Alaska is a beautiful place!


lynn said...

Love they update, looking forward to more pics. You are a blessed lot.

QPT said...

Your blog is decorated very well with kids!!!Amazing God bless you!!!
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