Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sukkot in Alaska

All around the world believers gather together for Sukkot, keeping Yahwh's appointed times the best we can until His return.  During Sukkot Yahwh tells us to live in temporary dwellings to remind us of the dwellings the Israelites lived in for 40 years in the desert.  Here in Alaska the cold makes camping out difficult so there aren't any big gatherings.  This year we decided to hit the road in our temporary dwelling and visit other believers who "...keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Yeshua the Messiah." Rev. 12:37

We spent the first two days of Sukkot in Nondalton so we put a sukkah up over our dining room table.  The kids went out and cut some boughs and then Caleb put them together with David's and my help.  We celebrated the first day of Sukkot with Lavonne and Josh and Regina. The first two nights Paul and I camped out with the kids in the living room and then we headed to Anchorage and our motor home.
 Our first stop was Wasilla and the Martin's house.  We had a wonderful time catching up with them.  They invited some friends over and we had a great time of worship. We had fun sharing stories from our trips to israel with their friends Daniel and Michael .  We discovered that we'd both stayed at the Jerusalem Hills Bed and Breakfast and become friends with the Singerman's. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures.

Next we headed up to the North Pole.
We enjoyed the view of Mt. McKinley/Denali as we drove north.
Jack and Jamileh Waid and their three boys hosted the northernmost part of our Sukkot trip. Jack is the base historian at Eilson Air Force Base and he is an awesome tour guide. Below we are standing under the oil pipeline that stretches from Prudhoe Bay to Valdex, AK

Next we went to see the "Lady of the Lake".  It's a B29 that ended up half covered in water in a pond on the base.  

You can see the cowling, tail and part of a wing sticking up out of the frozen pond.
 Jack shared the history of the plane with us.
 Jack is also an experienced shofar maker.  He had bought a case of kudo horns hoping that he would have someone to share them with over Sukkot. We were very happy that Yahwh sent us his way. They had some more friends from the area over and we made a party of it. Making the shofars was a great experience.  He very patiently helped the kids make their own.
 Above Joshua is getting an idea of how a real kudo looks.
 Above we are all practicing and making sure they work.
 The Waid's are also experts in Krav Maga.  They teach the self defense classes on base a few times a week.  We had a lot of fun letting them show us some of the basic moves. Above their oldest son Andrew is giving Paul a lesson.
Above we are saying goodbye as we continued on our journey. The Waid's want to get a Sukkot gathering going in Alaska next year. I think that's a great idea and we look forward to seeing them there.

Next we were going to go to Tok but some of the kids of the family we were going to see there got sick so we headed straight to Kenny Lake.  Our first stop in Kenny Lake was to visit the Riggins and their friends.  Again I forgot to get my camera out, but we had a good time of fellowship with them.  Their friends had just moved up from Texas and are spending their first winter in Alaska.  The kids all played a fun game of Risk.

Next we went and visited the Henry's also of Kenny Lake.  We met the Henry's in Aniak, Ak many years ago and we enjoyed catching up with them.
Their oldest son Dawson loves to study the bible and is also studying Hebrew.  He and Paul could have talked nonstop the entire time we were there.
 Their daughter Beth Ann is carding and spinning some wool for a neighbor.  She got it all out for us so I could see how it's done.  Very cool!
 Kenny Lake is on a plateau between the Copper and the Tonsina rivers. Paul and Thad and the kids went to the edge of the bluff overlooking the Tonsina river.  They climbed down a little ways.
 Anna is carefully climbing over the edge.
Sarah is showing off a head of broccoli that came from the Henry's garden this summer.  You gotta love the endless sunlight of the Alaska summer!
 Dawson, Beth Ann, Anna and Quentin playing a game of Settlers of Catan.

Before we headed back out to Nondalton, Lonny and Kristy Elliot took Paul and I out to eat.  We always enjoy our time of fellowship with the Elliot's. We appreciate the prayers they bring before the Father for us.

We had a great Sukkot!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I hope this isn't too nosy, but I've been reading your blog for a long time (and greatly enjoying it) and I have a question. Do you follow Biblical kosher laws as outlined in Leviticus and Deuteronomy? I'm not trying to pry or imply that you should if you don't, I'm just wondering since your family takes such wonderful care to be scriptural and I don't recall dietary laws being mentioned. Thanks for your time and please keep posting!


Susan said...

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy the blog.
We try to adhere to Yahwh's instructions, "Torah" in every way that we can and that includes our diet. We evaluate everything we eat by testing it with God's Word. One of our biggest frustrations is that we just don't know so many things. It has been so long since we have practiced His law, we have lost much.
We don't eat any unclean foods. We also don't eat any birds because the only two bird names that have been preserved from the Hebrew are the pigeon and the turtle dove. They are sacrificial animals. No one knows for sure what the rest of the birds that are named as unclean are. We also don't eat any commercial meat because it has not been slaughtered properly. Deut 15:23 tells us to pour the blood out on the ground and not eat it. In today's commercial slaughter houses the blood is saved and used as food. We do eat meat and dairy products together as we are not convinced that Torah teaches that we shouldn't.
I took out the commas because in the Greek there are no commas. If you want to be able to say that no unclean thing has ever passed your lips, it makes more sense to read it that if you choose to eat in the house of an unbeliever, you need to ask about the food they are serving for your conscience sake. I believe the assumption is that all believers would only serve clean food. Today that is obviously not the case because we are so clueless.
I don't mind your questions at all. Ask anything and I'll try and answer. You can email if you prefer at


Yaya's Blogg said...

This is awesome! Thank you for sharing. I have been trying to figure out how to celebrate sukkot here in Alaska and you gave me some wonderful ideas. Again thanks so much!

Susan said...

Your welcome! It's great to hear about someone else celebrating Sukkot here in Alaska. We were just discussing where to put our Sukkah this year. I think we're going to turn our living room into one big Sukkah.
May Yahwh bless your celebration.

Reese V said...

Hello! I know this is an old post but our family of 9 is thinking of flying to Alaska for Sukkot 2018. Have y'all have a "group" that gathers?