Thursday, November 20, 2014

Decision Making

Dayton and Abigail celebrated their first anniversary June 16th.  They celebrated  a few days early because Ronen was due a few days before their first anniversary. They knew Abigail might not be feeling up to a dinner out. Even though we live very far apart, we got to see a lot of Dayton and Abigail during their first year of marriage.  Twice they came to visit us in Alaska for over a month each time.  We also got spend a lot of time with them in the lower 48 as we traveled around to Family Week, family reunions and Trey and Deborah's wedding together.  It has been fun seeing them grow together and seeing the love they have for each other.
I thought because we love them so much, it might (with their permission) be okay to poke a little fun at them. I want to go back to that time of decision making and show some cute pictures that say more than words can tell.
The picture below was taken as Dayton was firming up his decision to ask Abigail to marry him. We are at Nate and Katie Waller's Wedding Feast and they are dancing a brother and sister dance. Abigail and David are dancing together. Remember at this point Abigail has no idea that Dayton is interested in her.  You can see Dayton dancing with sister-in-law Devin and keeping an eye on Abigail.

The picture below shows Abigail watching cute Dayton.  At this point Dayton has asked Paul for Abigail's hand in marriage, but he doesn't know that Abigail knows.  Paul told Dayton that he probably wouldn't mention it to Abigail until after our visit was complete so he would have time to mull it over.  It turned out that it didn't take us long to decide that we thought Dayton would be a fine husband.  We thought if we went ahead and told Abigail she could observe Dayton in person but without any pressure and then take those observations home with her to think and pray.  In reality it didn't take her that long to decide she wanted to marry Dayton.  In fact, in this picture I think she had already made up her mind but she hadn't told us yet. I can't help but wonder what is going through her mind as she looks at Dayton there in the pool :)
Dayton quickly makes up the cool points though with this back flip into the pool.  Abigail definitely looks impressed here.
Below the kids (Paul included) are making a whirlpool in the pool.  You can see Abigail chasing Dayton but not daring to get too close.
They turn it around and now Dayton is chasing Abigail.
Dayton and Abigail got first and second place in the ping pong tournament and the decision  was made, the deal was sealed.
As I post this, Dayton and Abigail and baby Ronen are in Alaska visiting again.  They love being married and they can't imagine being married to anyone else.  Yahwh is faithful as He guides our decisions!


lynn said...

What a great difference a year can make in our lives, looking forward to pictures of their visit. ( we need some T&D photos too)
Blessings from Maine

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog with great interest. Do you think it's important to spread your faith? I have an interesting idea. What would you say to the family being on a reality tv show? It would make it trivial to get your message across to *millions* of people. And there would be small perks, such as financial incentives. Before you dismiss the idea as impossible, consider that there are a lot of Americans that would find your world interesting. What's everyday life like for you? How is courtship and marriage done? How do you worship God? How do you celebrate holidays? What makes this especially tailored for a reality tv show is that you all live together. If I were you, I think about contacting one of the TV networks.